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Treasure Valley Mobile Repair is a locally owned and operated business. We provide services that include emergency breakdowns, scheduled maintenance and more, all at your location to provide top-tier convenience. Because every situation is unique, we do not have static pricing. We do, however, provide free estimates upon request!

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Our Services Are...


Part of what makes our business unique is that you'll never have to worry about sitting in a waiting room, because we will come to you to get the job done! Whether you're on the side of the road or at your own home, we'll come to your location and service your vehicle on-site.


We value our customer's commitment to our business, and we honor them by providing experienced, honest work. Our commitment to our customers is to always treat them with appreciation and respect, and to consistently conduct ourselves in a professional manner.


Also stemming from our wealth of experience is the higher quality of work we provide. We work diligently to ensure the issue is fixed the first time, because your time and money is valuable and should never be wasted.

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